Cristal Signal Buffer


Cristal is a high-quality signal buffer that effectively maintains the integrity of your guitar or bass signal. Whether you’re dealing with the capacitance and resistance of long cables or multiple pedals in your chain, Cristal prevents any signal loss or degradation that can occur.

Upgrade your setup with Cristal and experience a new level of sonic clarity and quality.

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Meet Cristal..

..the Queen of transparency.

In the crystal mountain, lives this luminous Muse.
Ever watchful of her realm, she ensures guitar tone stay pure and true.

She shields your signal from harm, defying any dullness
or corruption and keeping its original chime.

Cristal is the Sound Muse of Signal Buffering.


Why using a Signal Buffer?

In a guitar rig setup, it’s common to use multiple effects pedals and long cable runs, but this can create issues with signal loss and degradation. The capacitance and resistance of the signal chain, along with the characteristics of guitar pickups, can act as a low-pass filter, resulting in a loss of clarity and high-end in your tone. The best solution to this problem is to use a signal buffer in your chain, and Cristal boasts several features that make it an excellent choice for any player.

Simple in Operation, Clever in Design

First and foremost, its high input impedance ensures that your guitar signal is buffered without loading down the pickups or affecting your guitar’s tone. Additionally, the pedal’s low output impedance maintains the integrity of your guitar signal, ensuring that it can travel through long cable runs and multiple pedals or amplifiers without any loss or degradation.

Cristal also internally converts input voltage from 9V to 18V, providing more headroom and ensuring that your tone is not compromised. And with its high-quality audio-grade op-amps and gold-plated contact relay-based bypass system, you can rest assured that you’ll hear your true tone without any unwanted coloration.

Don’t Settle for Less

We designed Cristal with players in mind. Unlike many buffers, it features a footswitch that allows you to compare buffered and unbuffered signals. Sometimes it may be desired to switch off the buffer when using pedals that work best with the pickup impedance at the front of the chain. Additionally, in the event of a power failure, Cristal automatically switches to true bypass operation.

If you’re looking for a compact, high-quality buffer pedal for your guitar signal chain, look no further than our Cristal.

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*Our pedals are handmade, thus minor imperfections on the enclosure may occur

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 cm
Input Impedance


Output Impedance


Current Draw

40mA @ 9VDC

Power Supply

9V DC, 2.1mm Center Negative Barrel
To avoid unwanted noise, we recommend using an isolated PSU intended for musical instruments.
This pedal is over-voltage protected.



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This warranty does not include misuse or accidents resulting in damage.