Caffeine Pre-Amp Booster

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Caffeine is a Booster pedal perfect for boosting the volume of your instrument, pushing your tube amp into more “crunchy” territory, providing an additional channel of gain to your dirt pedals or simply enriching the harmonic content of your signal.

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Meet our “specialty Muse”. Just like a cup of freshly roasted coffee livens you up in the morning, our Caffeine will awaken your tone and become your signal’s new addiction.

Whenever you want to boost the volume of your instrument, push your tube amp into more “crunchy” territory, provide an additional channel of gain to your dirt pedals or simply enrich the harmonic content of your signal then bring the Caffeine on! Need better cutting through the mix? She’s your friend!

This Lady is a 100% discrete analog circuit with a dual stage design to provide the appropriate input and output impedances to avoid loading your guitar or the other pedals in your chain.

Caffeine provides a boost of up to 20dB to your signal and is suitable for both live and studio applications.

The pedal operates on a standard 9-12V DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative centre barrel or a 9V battery.

Momentary switch option

Our booster has a special switching mechanism designed to allow using the switch as latching (on/off) or momentary mode. If switch is pressed and held for longer than 1 second it works only until you keep pushing it.


*Our pedals are handmade, thus minor imperfections on the enclosure may occur


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 6 × 5 cm


Level: boost the level to peak performnce and attenuate the signal

Gain: control the saturation of sound and pushes the pedal to produce a shade of dirt to it




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