Big Wuffy Distortion

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Big Wuffy is a 100% analog, all-discrete, four gain stage based versatile distortion pedal which will take you from mild overdrive to fat saturated fuzz-like tones.

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Although Big Wuffy may come across as charming and sweet, she is in fact a very powerful Muse. She is ready to colour your tone with her loyal dog’s growling any time you need it. Feel free to experiment – Wuffy taught him many useful tricks!

Big Wuffy is a high-gain distortion pedal offering a rich harmonic content, long and creamy sustain and tones ranging from wooly and dark lows to crispy and piercing highs. Whether you need thicker, saturated riffs or cutting solos – she is your girl! You can go anywhere from tamed, mild distortion to more aggressive tones crossing the borderline of distortion and fuzz.

This Muse is a 100% discrete analog circuit designed upon four carefully selected gain stages with high quality components reducing noise of the circuit even for higher gain settings. Big Wuffy is suitable for both live and studio applications.

*Our pedals are handmade, thus minor imperfections on the enclosure may occur

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