Hi, it’s Andy Sitek. Together with my wife, Hania, we are the founders of Sitek Guitar Electronics. Everything started with our love of music, art and engineering. Music has always been a huge part of our lives. I have always been a huge rock fan and used to play in a rock band together with my friends. Hania has a solid music education and loves singing and playing the piano. She is also an artis -She studied painting and graphic design. I myself continued my adventure with sound by getting a degree in Sound Engineering. Exploring electronics during my University days was very inspiring. Our pedals are an expression of our talents, knowledge, passions and love.

Each day we work on creating our original sound by doing extensive research and prototyping. Included in our vision is a fondness for the tradition behind some of the legendary high-end iconic pedals. We have created a line of pedals whose design and names are inspired by our vision of Sound Muses that capture each pedal’s nature. Engineering, art, time and passion is put into every single one of our them.


to Craftmanship

Our vision is to create pedals which sound exceptional and are aesthetically beautiful. They are designed to be technically excellent and are built by hand with great care and love. Each pedal is given the highest level of attention and best quality materials.

We are driven by our fascination with great tone, high quality and a love of art. We are on a quest to produce exceptional guitar pedals and we guarantee that your experience of our pedals will be second to none.

Sound Imagineered

Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.


Sitek Engineering – Andrzej Sitek
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